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Dieses Video ist von mir selbst momentan nur in englisch erhältlich. Es ist Teil eines Films an dem ich momentan arbeite. Dieser wird in Deutsch und Englisch erscheinen. Auch wenn man kein Englisch versteht, die Bilder sagen eigentlich alles aus. Du musst also nicht warten bis der eigentliche Film fertig ist wo alles haarklein erklärt wird. Also, schau ihn dir jetzt an. . .

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We never went to the moon, and more – Flat Earth

This video is really a quick one. It contains parts of my upcoming movie. The movie will be diffrent, because the movie will explain the scenes. This video will not explain so much, Because what it shows is enough. There is no need to explain what you see. It should be logic to you. If not, wait for the movie. I do not talk that much in this clip because it is to much work for me to set up my environment for a clean noiseless voice recording. But the video will show you, we never went to the moon and all full view images of the earth are fake. You should ask yourself….why? Why they do the things they do? And after watching, do you still believe we went to the moon? DO you still believe that the earth images are real? If not…..what could be the reason to show us faked images of the earth instead of real pictures? Maybe the earth does not look like a globe in reality. Do you have a better idea? Okay, tell me. Tell us why they should do this if the earth is really a globe?

I will add more text soon. . .

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