Great cover song by Missa and Jeran
Original song by Chris Wrock . Check out his channel.

I believe in a creator but i cannot trust in a book. ( just speaking for myself ) The bible might be right, but at the moment there is no proof for that. I mean look. How many different branches of christianity exist today? They all tell a little different story about what the bible in their eyes means. How many books are out there who try to explain what the bible means? What is the purpose of the talmud if they have already the tora?

Do not get me wrong. i am not against religion. I was a christian myself. But i always struggled with the bible. At the end of this song is the line „Where is God?“ For me, it means in the first place, where is God in Modern Science, because they deny him. But it means also to me….where is he actually? Why must people and animals die since thousands of years? Why all these horrifying things in our world? Because Eve could not resist to eat that stupid apple? And from that day on God allowed Satan to be the King of the world? Until Jesus saved us. And after another period of time he will release Satan again. Hmmm… that makes not much sense to me.

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If a God like person, or whatever God means, can create all these wonderful things and living beeings, why should he care about a creature like Satan and let all that happen to his beloved creatures on earth? Maybe God is not what we think he is. I simply do not know it. But i am willing to find answers. That is why flat earth is so important. Whatever the shape of the earth really is, it seems it is not a globe. On the other hand, it seems the illuminati or zionists believe in occult things, which look pretty evil to me. Does that mean they believe in Satan? I mean it is really hard to find out what is a deception and what is the truth. Maybe Satan is also a totally different thing as we thought. Same thing…i don´t know. In a world full of lies, dogmas are not very helpful. Facts and logic are helpful. At the end it would be the greatest thing ever to find God and Jesus. Learn who we are, why we are and what our destiny is. There is a lot to explore. And our real journey has just begun. Peace Bro 🙂

I wrote that as a comment on youtube.

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